Business Model

Below are described some of the outsourced business models we have provided for our clients.

  • Outsourced Compliance – CoySec provides Company Secretarial services while the Company maintains its full time CFO and the focus on financial control – with the compliance being provided on an ‘as and when needed’ basis (either on a defined service with a fixed monthly cost or an itemised hourly charge – invoiced monthly).
  • Company Secretary & CFO – Processing accounting transactions from historical records (bank statements & invoices) to produce monthly accounts as well as maintaining all corporate compliance. Normally in listed SME with minimal transactions – i.e. Minerals exploration or in a listed shell looking for new business opportunities
  • Providing a complete real-time accounting & compliance service from data entry of source accounting information, scanning & electronically filing pdf’s of source information, to putting accounts payable entries into the on-line banking facility, providing Directors via email the supporting information to allow them to directly authorise on-line payments. Producing Consolidated Accounts and the half-year and End-of-Year Statutory Financial Statements for an ASX Listed entity.


Q?Under what sorts of arrangements do you assist companies you work for?

CoySec undertakes assignments either on a fixed cost basis (for defined outcomes or scope of work) or on an hourly rate (invoiced monthly with detailed timesheet).

Q?What types of companies do you assist?

Primarily ASX or NSX listed public companies.  We have been operating since 2003 with a focus on Companies transitioning, raise capital and maintaining their listing. We also provide support for listed companies requiring accounting services

Q?What roles do you undertake for client companies?

We usually provide Company Secretarial services.  However, we can also provide accounting services.  The services we offer include a CFO and general accounting/bookkeeping services.  We can source general accounting/bookkeeping services. We also provide a virtual office using electronic documents & a dedicated extranet.  This service means that our clients can get immediate online access to all your documents. This service has been very useful to Companies with overseas operations and executives moving between operations.

Q?What are your areas of expertise and experience?

I am a member of the Institute of Chartered Account and Governance Institute of Australia (formerly Chartered Secretaries Australia). My most complex assignment was as Company Secretary & CFO of Citadel Resources Group Limited (an ASX 300 Company (ASX code ‘cgg’)). I prepared the Citadel Resource Group Limited 30 June 2008 Financial Statements and I resigned in 2009 as they migrated to a dedicated Company Secretary and dedicated CFO. In the last 10 years I have taken part in over 10 IPO’s & reverse takeovers/re-listings as well as rights issues and other fund raisings.

Q?Are you experienced in dealing with the ASX?

I have been a Company Secretary of one or more ASX listed entities since 1998. This has involved dealing with the ASX on the full range of issues affecting a listed company. In addition, we have also been engaged in an average one IPO or reverse takeover each year.